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It all started with a simple kiss, then it started getting into a sexy, heated intense kissing session. Then making out. To where our tongues were constantly rubbing against each other. Our breathing getting heavier, hands going over each other’s bodies.

My hand grazed over her chest, touching her, my lips left hers then I stuck my hand in between us. Sliding my hand into her shorts, my hand touched her warmth and felt her wetness on my fingers. Grazing her clit back and fourth, I then surprised her sticking my index and middle finger inside of her. Picking up my pace, I pressed my ear to her lips to listen to her beg, moan, and ache for me. 

"Baby.. you’re gonna make me cum.." She whined, I smirked then pressed my body against hers, moaning as she kept saying, "I’m so close.. baby.. make me cum." I moaned, just aching for her, more and more. God damn she’s so fucking sexy. I made her cringe, then cum all over my hand.

20 minutes later, after watching Hocus Pocus.

She went into the bathroom to do something, (I can’t really remember) but I was in there with her, then we were just standing there talking about how horny we make each other. She stated how I made her really horny by just kissing her, biting my lip I started feeling up her body again. I started kissing, nibbling and sucking on her neck and collar bone. She then grabbed me and kissed me as hard as she could.

Moaning softly, she turned around and was staring at me through the mirror. I turned around to do something, then bam, she’s taking off her bra and my reaction is to came back to her. Pressing my crotch against her perfect ass I moved my hands up to her chest, playing with her to tease her. I then whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you.” She moaned and smirked, before grinding her ass into me, all I wanted to do was to tear her apart right then and there. She was grinding against me for a good 10 minutes. God damn, she’s so fucking sexy.

I then pulled down her shorts and quickly slid my fingers into her again, curling them as I made my motions in and out of her wet and tight pussy. She was moaning, running her fingers through her hair looking at me through the mirror with her seductive look. I then pulled myself out of her and walked away. Teasing the shit out of her.

She came back, straddled me and I said to her how bad I wanted her to suck my dick. - “I would definitely be all over that, even though I already am.” I moaned as she grinded her hips with me, playing with me, and making out with me slowly and sexy. God damn that girl can fucking move and get me going. You are so fucking sexy, & I definitely love playing with you baby. God damnnnnn.

Until next time; where I make you scream & cry. <3 I love you babygirl.

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Halla finally 20!

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